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Your name will be published in the message of congratulations which will be presented to the President of the Republic before Independence Day.



Congratulate Finland on the 100th anniversary of its independence!

Birthdays are a time for congratulations. Posti is participating in the Finland 100 project to celebrate the country’s centenary in 2017.

A 100th anniversary deserves a big message of congratulations. Posti’s day-to-day work is part of Finland’s celebration - Posti will travel to different parts of the country, meet everyday people at work and, at the same time, collect names from people living in Finland, Finns living abroad and from other friends of Finland for the world record-sized joint anniversary message of congratulations. The message of congratulations will be presented to the President of the Republic before Independence Day.

The message of congratulations will journey throughout Finland, from north to south, stopping in different locations. People can add their names online at and around the country at events and Posti outlets.

You, me and the whole of Finland. Let’s get together to send world-record congratulations to Finland.

Packaging products at Posti outlets

Posti outlets will sell packaging products with the Finland 100 pattern to give you the opportunity to celebrate the occasion and delight the recipient of your item with the Finland 100 theme. You can buy the packaging products at a Posti outlet or in Posti’s online shop.

The Faces of Finland stamp

In spring 2017, Posti will publish the world’s first stamp illustrated with a mosaic of faces. Photos of Finns were collected in fall 2016 for this historic stamp. The photo collection campaign ended on November 4.

Posti has been an important part of our society for nearly 400 years. We serve private and corporate customers in Finland and we take care of the flow of commerce and everyday life now and in the future.


The world-record congratulatory message to Finland is part of the official Finland 100 project program. Join the campaign by entering your name, city and location at

The participation period is from December 27, 2016, to November 5, 2017.

All correctly submitted information (first name, last name, city, country) will be included in a joint congratulatory message that will be delivered to the President of the Republic before Finland’s 100th Independence Day in both physical and electronic form. Participation in the congratulatory message is open to everyone: Finns, residents of Finland, Finnish expatriates and other friends of Finland.

You can also include a short message of no more than 100 characters. Not all of the messages will be published in the congratulatory message delivered to the President, but Posti may use and publish them in various materials, marketing and communications related to the campaign.

By submitting name and location information, the sender confirms that he or she is authorized to grant the right to publish the information. If you submit a name on someone else’s behalf, you must have permission to submit the information of the person in question.

Posti reserves the right to review and, at its sole discretion, remove information and messages deemed inappropriate. Campaign participants will not be separately notified of the publication of the information or the decision to not publish the submitted information.

Posti reserves the right to use the information and messages submitted to the campaign page in its materials, marketing and communications related to the project.

The campaign page features a location search that allows visitors to view the number of participants per municipality. The name and location information will not be published in their entirety on the campaign page.

The information will only be used for the purposes specified in these campaign rules.

Posti reserves the right to amend the rules of the campaign. The valid rules are available online at

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Terms of use


Thank you all for participating!

The campaign has ended on November 5, 2017. The message of congratulations will be presented to the President of the Republic and to Finland before the 100th Independence Day 2017.


Thank you for your participation!